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Moving overseas

Hi, we are currently moving from Germany to UK with our IT office. Point is, that we have to ship approx 10-12 PC's (notebooks will be taken with us by plane), around 20 boxes of data papers and 1 server. Our transport will be very fragile and we want to reduce costs to minimum so I ask you for help. Do you have any idea how to handle this transport?

asked 1/27/2017

2 Answers

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answered 4 months ago jordanss123 37

The best option would be to list it all on . You will quickly find some transport providers that will ship it for you for a lower prices than usual. It's very fast and reliable method of shipping things (especially when you are abroad and you are not familiar with local transport providers, or never u never send enything abroad before). But remeber to secure the PC's, even with the most delicate handling with them they have to be covered in styrofoam and bubble wrap :)

answered 1/29/2017 Malonzo 10

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