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What servers use XXX or high traffic websites?

I have a website with a lot of traffic or at least a lot of traffic for me. I have 50K visits a day. I have problems with the servers and I want to know what server and configuration I should use. I see websites like

Annunci 69 - Mega sesso - Voglio Porno 

They have a lot of traffic and their servers work very well.

What servers do they use?

asked 2/6/2017
Mr Italiano3
Mr Italiano

2 Answers

you need to ppurchase fast vps or fast vpn service, all adult website use private hosting


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answered 2/20/2017 Scott 2

Voglio Porno You wrote it wrong. You can use servers in the cloud, for example those of amazon or azure. These servers can withstand a lot of traffic and grow in a staggered way.

answered 2/6/2017 jacobson 4

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