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SQL Server Reporting Services - Displaying some message within a Tablix if there is no data.

  • 14 January 2011
  • Author: Anil
  • Number of views: 5596

Hello all,

This is my first article that i am trying to write .I am encourage to write this article after joining the BIDN's network and reading a lot of articles regarding different topic. so, this may be simply for one but for someone it will be helpful for those who don't know how to do it ..

while working in .rdl design using BIDS , I need to display certain message within a tablix toolbar if the table doesn't contain's any data to display or there is no row count. In normal it will display the data if there is certain to display but if there is not any data to display then we have to display the message as like i.e "No data qualifies for this section"

For this we need to add a new row within a same table and set the properties of 'Hidden' field as =IIF(Count("DSName")>0,true,false)

Then within a same row we need to add a 'Placeholder' by right clicking within a row and set its properties value expression as 

=IIF(count(Fields!Row1.Value,"DSName")>0,"","No data qualifies for this section")

Also in another terms,

Remove no rows property for the table,added another table header row with the expression

=IIF(count(Fields!Row1.Value,"DSName")>0,"","No data qualifies for this section")

and set visibility hidden expression for the added table header row as


Replace"DSName" with your datasetName.

Hope this will help for someone .. :) !!!..

You can see some snapshot as:

           You can see output as if there is no output:



Anil Maharjan

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