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SSRS Action to Open a URL in a New Window

  • 13 August 2010
  • Author: Brian Knight
  • Number of views: 32766

When developing reports in SSRS, you will often want to click on a given value and go to a URL on the Internet. This is an easy concept in SSRS with Actions with the "Go to URL" option as shown in the below screenshot. The challenge comes in where most people want to open a new browser window when a user clicks on this row so the user doesn't navigate away from the report. To do this isn't especially obvious in SSRS but involves a single line of code with some JavaScript as shown in the below line:

 ="javascript:void('"+ Fields!ReferURL.Value + "','_blank'))"


Where Fields!ReferURL.Value is the URL I want to open in the new window.


 URL Action with to popup new window




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Brian Knight

Brian KnightBrian Knight

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