Power Query: Data Chemistry for the Masses

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Uploaded by Keith on 8/5/2015
ETL Developers have being doing chemistry with data for years in tools like SQL Server Integration Services. These tools require training, experience, and time that few business users have. But in the age of self-service BI, those business users need a way to shape data to support their analysis. This session will show how Power Query can be easily used to take advantage of data's properties to drive the change we need to support our goals. We will discuss/demonstrate: -- The simple process of accessing a wide variety of data sources -- The ease with which simple transformations can be achieved using the Power Query Ribbon -- Power Query's fantastic ability to travel through time to see every step taken with the data -- The foundations of the Power Query Formula Language, informally known as ""M"" -- Using ""M"" to take Power Query WAY beyond what the Ribbon has to offer.
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