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tferrara said:
Hi Brian - Thanks very much for this, it was exactly what I was looking for. However, I found that I had to make a small change to the code in order to make it work. When I used your statement, BIDS complained about NOTHING. Of course, what else is new? Seriously though, I had to replace NOTHING with the name of the group in quotes. So... This did not work: =IIF(RunningValue(Fields!Item_Nbr.Value,COUNTDISTINCT,NOTHING) MOD 2 = 0,"PaleGreen","White") This DID work: =IIF(RunningValue(Fields!Item_Nbr.Value,COUNTDISTINCT,"GroupName") MOD 2 = 0,"PaleGreen","White") Thanks again for putting me on the right track.
You're welcome! Just out of curiosity, which version of SSRS are you on?
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