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05 February
Author: Anil

How to create Microsoft Azure SQL Database and Visualize along with Power BI.

This blog is mainly about creating Microsoft Azure SQL DB and visualizing with the help of Power BI Desktop.

21 July
Author: DustinRyan

My Top Four Books for the MS Business Intelligence Professional

As a Business Intelligence Consultant, I do a decent amount of speaking, interacting with the community, and have written and contributed on a few SQL Server books. A question I’m often asked is if I can recommend any good books which brings me to this blog post. I wanted to make you aware...
26 November
Author: BradleyBall

When the Problem is Not Them. It’s You.

      Hello Dear Reader!  I’ve been the Data Platform Management Lead at Pragmatic Works for almost two years now.  It’s been an interesting journey that I’m enjoying.  I’m the tier 3 support in a lot of cases, play the role of...
10 October
Author: badriram

Data Migration - For BI applications

Article provides an basic overview of data migration issues and considerations esp. for BI applications; when we move onto newer ones.

02 August
Author: MitchellPearson

Pragmatic Works Foundation class - The Finished Product!

First, I want to thank Tony at pragmaticworks for his help and for sharing his story with me. Very encouraging words and good advice. Instead of writing a long blog detailing what I learned this week, I have decided to just insert some code from a finished product. The...
30 November
Author: AlbertoMunera

Education as Part of BI Implementation

This article will give you a good idea about the importance of education to use Business Intelligence.

29 November
Author: kylewalker

Using Indexed views in SQL Server 2008

An overview of Indexed Views

24 November
Author: DustinRyan

Building a Report from the Ground Up - Part 2: Report Project, Data Sources, Data Sets

In Part 2 of Building a Report from the Ground Up, Dustin covers how to create a report and add datasets that uses a shared data source.